Our values

Our values define us, it is the culmination of who we are and aspire to be. It is what we strive for and drives us forward in the future


We believe that with the right conviction, support and environment, extraordinary things can be achieved by everyone


We trust in the play and that’s what we expect from our partners – we would rather operate with trust than constantly look over our shoulders

10x Thinking

We apply platform thinking to everything we do – providing services, making investments or building world class solutions


We think partnerships not ownership – together we can achieve much more than any of us can individually

Taking Risks

We love swinging hard, missing is totally ok, as long as our swings get better!

Why we love working at Rayn

I am an Engineer and a mother of 3, which makes me a hell of a multi-tasker. I choose to work at Rayn because the vision of the organization resonated with me, here we all believe in the potential of our country and want to be the contributing factor in making a positive impact for posterity.

Aafiah Khan,

Head of Automation

Transforming dreams into reality

We mentor, we invest and we collaborate. We mentor curious minds with brilliant ideas and need a gentle push to transform their dreams into reality. We invest in people and companies dedicated to bringing sustainable change through technology. Unity is strength and great things can be achieved if two parties work together for a common goal. At Rayn, we welcome collaborations that will create an impact in our daily lives, drive change and challenge the status quo.