AWS Cloud Trail: Security Auditing for your Cloud

  • Soniya Shah Noor
AWS Cloud Trail - Rayn

Security is of paramount importance in the cloud computing industry. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to safeguard their information and programs as they go to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail is a free service that allows enterprises to improve their security by monitoring account activity.

Within an AWS account, API calls made by users, apps, and services are recorded by Amazon CloudTrail. It records actions taken in AWS services like S3 buckets, EC2 instances, and AWS Lambda functions, and stores the logs in an S3 bucket or a log group in AWS CloudWatch Logs. Some examples of how companies can put AWS CloudTrail to use for evaluating their AWS Cloud security are as follows:

Track the Actions of Users 

With Amazon CloudTrail, organizations can keep tabs on all the ins and outs of their AWS account. Businesses can monitor for suspicious activity and blocked access attempts by recording all API requests performed by users. When used in conjunction with an AWS account, CloudTrail can reveal which users are responsible for which operations.

Achieve Regulatory Acceptance

The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard are two examples of regulations and compliance standards that many organizations must meet (PCI DSS). By keeping a log of all API calls made within an account, AWS CloudTrail helps organizations conform to these regulations. Companies may now show auditors a complete log of everything that has happened under their AWS account.

Identify Breaks in Security

Organizations can use Amazon CloudTrail to better monitor their AWS account for security events. If a user tries to change a resource they shouldn't be able to, for instance, AWS CloudTrail can log the attempt and notify the company's security staff. With this, firms will be able to spot possible security incidents and act swiftly to limit the harm.

Find Resources that have been Poorly Setup

Businesses can use Amazon CloudTrail to find instances of incorrectly configured AWS resources. If a user tries to make a change to an S3 bucket that goes against the company's security regulations, for instance, Amazon CloudTrail can log the action and notify the security team. In this way, companies can detect resource misconfiguration and take corrective action.

Check into Security Violations

Amazon CloudTrail can aid in the investigation of a security breach for a company. Businesses can pinpoint the origin of the breach and take preventative measures if they have access to a complete log of all API calls made within the account. Businesses can use AWS CloudTrail to learn more about the scope of a breach and what information may have been stolen.

Finally, AWS CloudTrail helps enterprises improve their security posture in the AWS Cloud at no cost. Businesses may enhance their security and auditing capabilities by using Amazon CloudTrail to keep tabs on user behavior, track down security incidents, locate misconfigured resources, and probe into security breaches. By using AWS CloudTrail, companies can be certain that their AWS account is safe and in line with all applicable standards.

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