The Rayn culture

Our culture personifies collaboration, inclusiveness, respect and working as a team with true ownership towards a common goal. To be able to do this, we live & breathe a culture that empowers you, is a safe space for open discourse, & takes care of you so that you are free to explore your strengths. And we like to have fun!

Outcome Oriented

Outcome Oriented

We don’t need you tied to your desk; we just want results.



Everyone is welcome; we seek talent, we do not judge.



We get excited about our work; we aspire for the extraordinary.



We work best when we have fun

Perks & Benefits

Flexible Hours

You’re an adult, and we trust you. Keep up with your team meetings, deadlines & the rest is flexible. You will have the freedom & tools to set your schedule.

Health & life insurance

We understand how critical healthy bodies & healthy minds are. At Rayn, medical & life coverage is available for all our employees. You will also have access to a telemedicine portal for easy access to a large number of physicians for e-health solutions.

Hybrid workplace

We have cool offices, but maybe WFH works better for you on some days! Let us know what you need, to do your job best, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Learning & personal development

One of our core principles is the value of learning. At Rayn, it is our responsibility to create opportunities for you to learn and grow, both personally & professionally. We actively encourage & facilitate you in your growth journey while offering access to learning resources in your area of interest.

Flexible vacation time

You need to take time off to recharge yourself, see things more clearly & come back re-energized & rejuvenated. We want you to have the flexibility to do that whenever you feel the need. We have faith in you & look at you more as a team member than an employee. Take time off responsibly & with trust.

Health & wellness program

Your physical and mental health is of great importance to us. You will have access to an in-house gym facility, game room, and counseling sessions with trained therapists at Rayn. We strongly believe these programs are a need rather than a nice to have in today’s environment.