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Revolutionizing dining-in in Pakistan

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The Client
Pattern Technologies is the full-stack growth engine for single and multi-brand restaurants across the world. Currently empowering some of the largest F&B brands in UAE, South Africa, KSA, Kenya, and Pakistan – through best-in-class technology and growth playbooks to thrive in the market without over-dependence on third-party aggregators, growing their revenue and customer retention seamlessly.

In just 14 months of operations, Pattern has empowered ~150 brands across the MENA region to grow their revenue and customer retention consistently, enabling partner restaurants to achieve a marketing-to-sales ROAS of 1100%. This led them to reduce their ad spend on Instagram and Google, reallocating it towards dynamic promotions through Pattern.

The Challenge

In the dynamic world of social media, the brand encountered valuable growth opportunities. Recognizing that design posts needed to be fully optimized for audience engagement and retention, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy that integrated compelling illustrations, captivating photography, and engaging videography to amplify Pattern's visibility and extend its reach.

We also realized the importance of refining the design style to ensure consistency across different platforms. To achieve this, we conducted thorough content audits and created a structured content strategy that brought clarity and purpose to Patterns’ content creation process.

Throughout this journey, we used research and social media insights to create designs that resonate with the Pattern audience. By addressing these areas proactively, we transformed the social media design strategy into a more engaging and audience-centered experience. This led to increased engagement, a more unified brand identity, and content that genuinely connects with the interests and needs of Pattern's audience.

Our aim was straightforward: attract more users, spotlight free meal rewards, and promote dining in

During the app's transformation, Pattern encountered challenges. Users were disengaged, online activity was dull, and irregular content posting affected the search ranking. Our aim was straightforward: attract more users, spotlight free meal rewards, and promote dining in. To address these issues, we crafted a strategy: reengage users, make content more appealing, post consistently for better search visibility, and showcase the restaurant network. Through these steps, we readied the app for a comeback in the competitive digital world.


To address the app's challenges, we integrated digital marketing strategies. First, we established a consistent design style to improve brand recognition. Then, we focused on planning and sharing content regularly, resulting in more followers and better audience engagement. We tailored the content to match user preferences, strengthening Pattern's connection with its audience. We also planned for future strategies to maintain and expand the follower base.In addition, we enhanced user engagement in the app with push notifications. These steps refreshed the app – increasing the brand's impact, boosting engagement, and promoting continuous growth. Our website development work also ensured a consistent online presence across all platforms.


In just one month, our social media efforts delivered impressive results. We saw a substantial 25% boost in engagement on posts, along with improved engagement rates across all social media content. Notably, the follower count grew by 11%. These achievements underscore the effectiveness of our strategy in reinvigorating Pattern’s social media presence and hint at future growth and success in the digital landscape.