We love to experiment

We welcome creativity, ingenuity, and the drive to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The fusion of design and technology is the cornerstone of our company in the areas of SaaS, financial inclusion, health services, education and social development.

Rayn Ventures is our playground! This is where we come up with ideas and create something new. It is the culmination of our vision to build and create a sustainable impact.

We are focused on investing in startups that match the following criteria

focus on people

We focus on people & companies that are in pre-seed or seed stage

strong tech component

A strong tech component, primarily software

vision and growth

We look for opportunities with big vision and growth potential

Our Ventures

A customer–centric digital bank that empowers every Pakistani by making it simple to borrow, transact and save money securely.


Why we invested

Why we invested - Rayn

A farmer from Punjab

I want a place to store my money that’s safe and free. I want to be able to access it whenever and wherever I want. I want to be able to borrow extra money when the need arises and then be able to pay it back easily. I don’t want to deal with interest because it is against my belief system, I don’t need further complexity in my life and I don’t want to feel exploited – ever!

And why has no one been able to disrupt this vicious cycle that serves only 21% of my 220M large country? Because it is hard and expensive. It requires a mix of tech and innovation in financial products, building a brand that the common man can trust and deep understanding of (combined with some ability to influence) the regulatory regime. All of this in societies that have a huge trust deficit with large institutions.

That’s where Dbank comes in.

Leading world class investors

NU Bank

Ozair Ali

Prior to joining Rayn Ventures, Ozair co-founded Alter Global, an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in emerging markets, including Pakistan. He has also had stints in development consulting with Dalberg, the State (Central) Bank of Pakistan, and the Ministry of Energy in Albania. Ozair holds an MBA from Stanford University, an MPA from Harvard University, and a BSc. in Economics and Finance from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.

Ozair enjoys evaluating the transformative potential of technology and has developed expertise in helping scale ventures in emerging markets. Through Rayn Ventures, he aims to help new exciting ventures coming up in Pakistan by incubating them in-house, creating partnerships, and playing an advisory role in building scalable products.


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Ozair Ali.

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